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How to Build Muscle FAST For Men

How to Build Muscle FAST For Men – A guys guide to building muscle

How to Build Muscle FAST For Men

No guy wants to be the skinny guy. You know that guy – the skinny dude in the corner with no muscle mass. Built like a pencil and looks like he wouldn’t last 5 seconds in a fight. Not that we condone violence or anything – we don’t – however, men want to look like they can fend for themselves. Even better yet, they want to look like and be able to defend someone else.

That’s one of the many reasons it’s important for guy s to grow muscle – and it doesn’t have to be that hard to take that long.

However, it’s important to keep in mind some realistic expectations. You can’t start a workout regimen and expect to turn into Dwayne Johnson in a week or even enter any bodybuilding competition in a short amount of time. When we say we will teach you how to build muscle fast, we mean we will teach you how to build muscle in the most efficient way possible which, in turn, will be fast. A hell of a lot faster than the other guys in the gym who’ve been doing the same routine for years without having any results or gains.

This section is split into two parts: what you need to do and what you need to eat.

What you need to do to build muscle fast

First things first – you need to lift heavy weights. That’s a must and that’s where this is starting. Refer to this guide for the best muscle building workouts. It explains how you can work out and beef up your entire body mass with 6 easy workouts. If you’ve already read that article, you know what workouts they are. So here’s the important part about building muscle fast:

Less reps, heavier weights.

In order to figure this out, there will need to be a bit of trial and error. This will apply for ALL weight lifting exercises. So in this case, let’s use bench pressing for example.

You need to figure out the maximum weight you can put on the bar so you reach muscle failure after 6 to 7 reps. For those who don’t know:

Muscle Failure: the point at which you cannot do another rep.

This means if you are able to do 5 reps, struggle on the 6th rep, barely able to complete a 7th rep and straight up not able to do an 8th rep, you’ve reached muscle failure. Muscle failure is good and it’s something you should seek out – but in an organized way.

You don’t want to just lift your absolute maximum weight on the bench press, reach muscle failure after one powerful rep and call it a day. That’s not how it works. You need to gauge it so you reach muscle failure after 6 to 7 reps. That means after your 6th or 7th rep of that set, it’s physically impossible to do an 8th one. Find the weight in which you’re able to reach muscle failure at that point and that’s where you start. Found it? Great! Do three sets of that with about a minute between each set.

Do this for bench presses, squats, leg lifts, shoulder raises and any other workout you do.

If after a few days or weeks you realize you’re able to do more reps with that same amount of weight, increase the weight. You’re getting stronger. You just leveled up. Always keep yourself reaching muscle failure after 6 or 7 reps. You don’t want to be doing 10 to 12 reps otherwise you will be toning and that’s the last step in the fitness process. If you’re looking to gaining muscle, then muscle failure is the goal.

What you need to eat in order to build muscle fast


Well that’s the gist of it, but there are a few other details you need to stick to as well.

You must consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight every day to build muscle

That means if you’re 140 pounds, you must eat 140 grams of protein every day. If you’re 170 pounds, you must eat 170 grams of protein every day.

Keep in mind that your diet must also include carbs and vegetables – in fact vegetables need to be about HALF of your entire diet. Consider the pie chart.

See that? That’s your vegetable proportion compared to your protein and carbs. Yes, you need carbs, but not nearly as much. So scale it accordingly.

Some great sources of protein are meats such as steak, pork, chicken and fish as well as One Protein Bars and Isopure Protein. Don’t be shy about taking protein supplements – it can be a great help. However, don’t rely solely on protein supplements for your protein intake. ALWAYS make sure your protein primarily coming from food. That means with your general protein intake, about 70% of it at least should be coming from protein rich food sources and 30% or less should be coming from supplements.

Minimize sugar intake. That means either reduce or eliminate completely the following:

  • Soda
  • Fruit juice (same amount as sugar as soda generally)
  • Gatorade for the same reason
  • Cakes, cupcakes, brownies
  • Sugar cereals

Eliminate completely the following:

  • Fast food. All of it. Gone. No more.
  • Ranch dressing. If you put ranch on your salad, you’ve negated the entire salad. Don’t.
  • Beer. One bottle of beer has about the same amount of carbs as 5 slices of bread. Would you eat 5 slices of bread? No you wouldn’t. So don’t drink beer.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, go big or go home. Drink shots or hard alcohol. Beer has too many carbs and mixed drinks have way too much sugar. Don’t overdo it though obviously.

How fast can you grow muscle?

Generally speaking, men can grow between .25 and .5 pounds of muscle per week. This means 2 pounds of muscle or so per month. That’s best case scenario and that IS fast.

Keep in mind that building muscle also burns body fat so not only will you be making gains but whatever renegade body fat you may have on you will also begin to shed. This will affect the number on the scale because muscle can be building while fat is burning at the same time. So don’t pay too much attention to the number on the scale and pay more attention to your reflection in the mirror.

Measure your biceps and chest with a measuring tape week by week. If you do everything right, you’ll see a slight increase every month.

You want to build muscle fast? This requires dedication. You WILL NOT see results immediately. Fitness is all about investing time and energy in yourself without immediate gratification. You will not get buff overnight but if you stick to this dirt simple and brutally honest guide, you’ll wake up one morning noticing a change that will become addicting.

Do it for yourself.



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