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How Much Protein Do I Need To Build Muscle

How Much Protein Do I Need To Build Muscle –

Ah, the age old question. How much protein do I need to build muscle? Here’s the answer, give or take:

You must consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight every day to build muscle

That means if you’re 140 pounds, you must eat 140 grams of protein every day. If you’re 170 pounds, you must eat 170 grams of protein every day.

Why do I need so much protein?

Protein is what fuels your muscle growth. You can lift weights to your heart’s content but you will never build muscle unless you fuel yourself with enough protein. Think of it like bricks of a house. How do you build a house? You need bricks. If you want to build a really big house, you’ll need a hell of a lot of bricks. So what happens when you don’t have enough bricks? You’re stuck building whatever size of a house you’re able to with the bricks you have.

Can I have TOO MUCH protein?

Depends on what you mean by too much. If you have 300 grams of protein every day, your kidneys will be working like hell to process it and if you continue having too much protein, you could cause kidney damage. However, this isn’t very likely. What will most likely happen is you will just end up pissing out the excess protein that isn’t used.

Which brings me to my next point.

You must USE the protein you consume

If you’re trying to build muscle and you’ve just ingested the right amount of protein, you better start lifting weights. Heavy weights. Max out your strength so you can only do 5-7 repetitions of each workout. This is important for building muscle mass. Why do you need to lift heavy weights to build muscle? Because it will require more muscle fibers to move heavier objects. The more muscle fibers, the bigger your muscle are. How do you get more muscle fibers? By lifting heavy weights and eating enough protein.

Your muscles grow when you sleep. After a heavy workout complimented by a sufficient protein intake, your muscles grow as they recover. Think of it like a scab or a scar. When you cut your skin and it heals, the new skin tends to be a little rougher and tougher than the old skin. When you lift heavy weights, you max out and you push yourself to muscle failure, you end up making tiny rips in your muscle fibers. These tiny rips heal with more muscle fibers. That’s generally how it works. The new muscle fibers can only grow if you consume the right amount of protein.

You must keep up the protein intake even on rest days

This is important. On rest days, you’re not supposed to work out. That’s why the’re rest days. Your muscles also grow and repair themselves on rest days. You sure as hell better keep on pumping yourself with the right amount of protein otherwise that day draining heavy lifting session you had yesterday will count for less. You don’t want that. Don’t sell yourself short.

How Can I Speed Up Muscle Growth?

If you are already following this guide and eating correctly, your best bet would be to start taking protein supplements as well.

The Best Protein Bars To Buy – ONE Protein Bar

The Best Protein Drink For Building Muscle – Isopure

The best kind of protein drink you can get is from Isopure and you can get it from Amazon. If you stick with the muscle building guide above, this protein will give you the ultimate edge.


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