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The Best Muscle Building Workouts

The Best Muscle Building Workouts – Building Muscle Made Easy.

Building Muscle With Only Six Workouts

If you eat correctly and put some effort into it, you can build muscle with minimal effort. You don’t need a complex workout regimen. You don’t need expensive machines or expensive workout plans. You can build the muscle you want with only six primary workouts. This article isn’t about correct form, it’s about the efficiency of the right workouts. Consider the following:

You only need six workouts to achieve the muscle you want. Those workouts are squats, dead lifts, bench press, dips, overhead press and pull ups.


Squats are one of the most important workouts for both men and women. It’s one of many compound workouts – exercises that work out more than one muscle group per repetition – and are often ignored or left out. Your legs consist of over eight major muscles as well as your glutes in the back. A squat works out all of them. Squats may be difficult at first if you’ve never done them before. You can always start without any weights and then begin adding weights as you get stronger.

Squats also workout your abdominal as well. Since you need to keep your core engaged for correct squat formation, the more you do, you get a very decent ab workout as well.

Dead Lifts

These are more difficult to do correctly but again, if you start off with light weights, you can gradually increase as you get stronger. The works out both your lower back and your glutes. Keeping the core engaged for correct formation, you can get an ab workout through dead lifts as well.

Dead lifts also boost your forearms and hands as well, considering the strength it takes to hold the barbell to begin with.

Your legs contain the largest muscles in your body. That means it requires the most amount of energy to work them out to their maximum potential during a session. This further means that working out your legs burns more calories than working out your arms. This of course does not mean you should only work out your legs – but it’s another reason you should never skip leg day.

Bench Press

Bench pressing is a popular gym workout, we all know that. However, it doesn’t just work out your chest. It also works out your triceps and shoulders. It’s a very efficient compound workout of which you can easily gauge your progress. It doesn’t matter where you start with your weight, as long as your ass is kicked at the end of your final set, you’ve done your part. As with every work out, see if you can increase the weight or resistance every week or so. If you can go up a few pounds, you’ve made progress. Progress is key.


Dips do not require additional weights, though you can add additional weight or resistance through ankle weights or a belt. Dips, like the bench press, work out your chest, triceps and shoulders but primarily blast your triceps and chest. The same muscle group is used as necessary for benching but the resistance is taken from a different angle. You make progress with dips not by necessarily adding weight, but adding to the number of repetitions per set.

Overhead Press

The overhead press primarily blasts your shoulders and triceps. This can either be done with two dumbbells or one barbell. Either way, you are putting a ton of resistance on your shoulders and triceps which will give them size, shape and definition in time. Triceps are important to grow for arm size because triceps are literally the other half of your arm. It’s a misconception that biceps are the only muscle that matters with your arms. Huge biceps with no triceps will make your arms look unbalanced.

As with all of the other workouts, you can gauge your progress by how much weight you are able to do. As you get stronger, you increase the weight. Furthermore, the stronger you are, the bigger your muscles get, generally.

Pull Ups

Pull ups are harder than they look. You are literally pulling up your entire body weight with your arms so pull ups require a tremendous amount of upper body strength. Pull ups do wonders for your biceps, shoulders and back. It’s also easy to gauge your progress with pull ups – how many are you able to do? No matter where you start, as long as you make progress every week, you are doing something right.


Is that it? Really? Yes, generally speaking, that’s it. You can of course mix in other workouts like cardio and push ups but if you haven’t noticed, this list does not include common practices like curling, sit ups or crunches. This is because these are all compound exercises. You get all the bicep workout you need from all of the pull ups you do. You get all of the ab workouts you need from the squats, dead lifts and other exercises if you do them correctly.



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If you eat right and follow this guide, you will both lose body fat and build muscle more efficiently than any other tactic. This guide is about as close to a magic muscle building / weight loss formula that exists – because there is no actual magic formula. Each body is different and there are always a number of factors that affect what we’re able to do and how we’re able to process.

Sticking to this guide and working out at least three times per week, is guaranteed to give you results as long as you eat correctly. If you eat crap day in and day out, you will slow yourself down or even reverse your progress.

How Can I Speed Up Muscle Growth?

If you are already following this guide and eating correctly, your best bet would be to start taking protein supplements as well.

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