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The Secret to Getting Abs

Everybody wants abs. Having rock hard defined abs is basically the goal of every fitness journey. What do you want? I want abs! Well you’ve come to the right place.

There are two parts that must work together and one point that must be understood before having rock hard abs.

  • You need ab muscles
  • You need to watch what you eat
  • You need to burn the fat first

YOU MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE MAIN POINTS before you can start effectively getting yourself some nice visible and defined abs.

Building Ab Muscles

There are plenty of ways to build ab muscles and they don’t always involve doing sit ups or crunches. When you do pull ups, squats and even bench presses, you are working your abdominals as well. That’s why you must keep your core engaged.

What does it mean to keep your core engaged? It means you are flexing your abs. That’s it – and it also helps to practice walking around with flexed ab muscles AT ALL TIMES. Yes, you will get tired but the simple act of flexing your ab muscles also works them out.

Just because there are ways to work out your abs without doing crunches or sit ups doesn’t mean you get to avoid doing crunches and sit ups forever. Quite the opposite.

Sometimes doing sit ups is difficult without your feet being anchored to the ground in one way or another. You can solve this by having a partner hold your ankles or simply bracing your feet under something stable and heavy like dumbbells or a couch or something.

Here’s your goal – 50 sit ups and/or crunches in a row. Can you do that? Great! Do 3 sets of 50. Once you’re able to do 3 sets of 50, your ab muscles will be in great shape.

Check out The Best Muscle Building Workouts for some other guides on how to build muscle.

You Need To Watch What You Eat

This should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway. Avoid crap foods. Crap foods include:

  • fast food
  • sugar drinks like soda, orange juice, fruit juices
  • excessive carbs like cake, cupcakes, brownies or pasta
  • cut out beer all together

Fat accumulates because you’re taking in more crap calories than you’re burning off. The aforementioned list contains nothing but crap and empty calories – calories that do nothing for you.

For more information about losing body fat, please refer to Tips For Losing Weight – The Guide You Need To Slim Down

You Need To Burn The Fat First

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT. For the love of all that is good in the world, don’t expect to get some rock hard abs or a flat tummy if you still have a layer of fat on top.

Stand up. Try to grab some of the fat on your stomach. Can you? If you can, then you will NOT have rock hard visible abs no matter how much you work out. Why? Because there’s a layer of fat on top.

Don’t be fooled! You can very well have some rock hard abs UNDER that layer of fat if you’re able to do 3 sets of 50 sit ups or crunches. However, you will not be able to see it until that layer of fat goes away.

Here’s an inconvenient truth. Ready? Here we go. Stomach fat is generally the LAST place on your body that fat burns from.

Here’s another inconvenient truth. Here we go again. You cannot spot burn fat! That means exactly what it sounds like. You cannot have fat all over you and expect the fat just over your stomach to burn away by doing a ton of sit ups and crunches. That’s not how human bodies work. Fat burns at its own rate all over the body at the same time. Fat may collect in certain parts of the body more, but you have no control over that. None. Don’t look for it. Don’t try it. You can’t spot burn fat.

Build Your Metabolism to Have a Flat Stomach

For tips on how to speed up your metabolism (the mechanism that burns fat) check out Fitness Tips – When Is It Safe To Have A Cheat Day?

Side note – you can give your metabolism a bit of a boost IF YOU DO EVERYTHING RIGHT by adding Green Tea to your diet.

As for the Green Tea, you can get some amazing fat burning Green Tea from Amazon. Keep in mind that this tea only helps with the fat loss – it’s not a magic drink that will burn off the fat just by drinking it. It helps speed up your metabolism if you’re doing everything right.

Get the Green Tea here

And there you have it.

You now know the secret formula for getting abs. No, it’s not easy, but God damn it, it’s worth it.



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