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Staying Fit In College – The Guide To College Fitness

By April 12, 2018College

Staying Fit in College

We get it. College is hard. You have classes scattered all throughout the days and weeks at inconvenient times, you have homework, reports and presentation, you have to maintain some kind of social life to stay sane AND NOW you’re looking to stay healthy because you don’t want to pack on that freshman fifteen. We get it.

Staying Fit In College – The Guide To College Fitness

One thing that happens when you go off to college is that the limits and rules regarding your food completely fly out the window. Mom and Dad aren’t there to tell you what not to eat. You can have chocolate in the morning, you can drink sodas constantly, you can eat fast food whenever you want and there’s not a damn person out there that can tell you not to.

Life is great! … or is it? Three months in and suddenly you notice that your jawline is disheartening, you’re muffin-topping, you have stomach and arm flab that you didn’t have before. What’s going on?!

You’re packing on the freshman fifteen. For tips on LOSING the freshman fifteen, see our article College Fitness Tips – How to Lose the Freshman Fifteen.

You’re going to get fat in college. You’re going to become ugly during the prime of your life. Everything will collapse around you UNLESS …. you follow this guide. Congratulations on finding the article that will save your college social life, health and fitness.

Stay on top of your food

There’s a reason your parents told you not to eat so much sugar. No, it’s not because they secretly hated you your entire life. In fact, quite the opposite.

Sugar is fat. Imagine opening up your waist and just dumping in a McFlurry, then sealing yourself up. It’s gonna stay there. You NEED to limit your sugar intake. When you’re starting college, you’re about 17 to 19 years old. Your metabolism is at its prime. KEEP IT THAT WAY. Otherwise it’s going to get REALLY difficult to maintain even a moderately fat version of yourself later on.

Eliminate entirely or cut down on:

  • Sodas, fruit juices, smoothies, ice cream and sugar cereals
  • Beer – yes. We know how college is so if anything, just limit the amount you have
  • Fast food. Burgers, fries, nuggets etc.
  • Ranch Dressing. You negate the health benefits of a salad if you add Ranch Dressing. Stop it.

Look, we’re not saying to go vegan entirely. You don’t need to do that. What we ARE saying is that you need to limit the aforementioned foods when you start going to college.

Be physically active

Have this be a regular thing. DO NOT just sit in your dorm day in and day out in between classes. If you’re living on campus, you most likely have access to a gym that’s already prepaid. USE IT.

If going to the gym isn’t your thing, then join a sport. Soccer, volleyball, football, basketball – anything involving a ball that you have to chase to some degree. Your warm ups and your practices will force you to work out. Your coaches will tell you to eat healthy and avoid crap foods. Joining a sport will make it VERY easy to stay physically active.

Even with a sport or consistent gym activity, you NEED to keep staying on top of your food. This isn’t a one or the other thing. You need to do both.

Some hard truths about college fitness

If you’re starting or in college, the habits you build now will determine how you will be when you’re older. AND YOU WILL GET OLDER. You may feel like you’re young now, and you are – but the years will hit you like a freight train if you don’t take care of yourself. If you eat crap food and stay unhealthy your entire college career, you will get older much faster. I mean REALLY fast. I mean your back hurting, your knees hurting, can’t tie your shoes easily in your 30s kind of fast. If you take care of yourself, you’ll be fine when you’re 30, 40, 50 and beyond.



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