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What’s Cheaper – Fast Food or Cooking

By January 18, 2018College

Which is actually cheaper? Fast food or cooking. You’d be surprised.

What’s cheaper? Fast food or cooking?

68% of the US population is overweight. Why? Because fast food and crap food is too cheap and convenient, cooking takes time and requires effort and nobody knows any better.

With being able to get a full and complete meal from McDonald’s or Burger King or Jack in the Box or others for about $7 or $8, how can anything else compete? Of course it’s cheaper to get fast food all the time, right?

Well let’s do the math.

The Math

Let’s say you spend $7 per meal every day. That’s $21 every day for food. That’s $147 every week and about $588 every month.

You can buy a bag of brown rice for about $3, which will provide about 5-6 servings. In this case, a serving isn’t a meal by itself, but something that goes in a meal. Understandably, no one would want to eat just rice as a meal.

You can buy a thing of ground turkey for $6 that can have about 3-4 servings in it by itself. You can buy some broccoli, carrots or other vegetables either frozen or fresh, steam them to make 3-4 servings for about $5. Vegetables really aren’t that expensive at times. The prices fluctuate based on farm market prices but generally, they’re cheap.

Ok so let’s say you bought ground turkey, brown rice and vegetables like stated above. You have spent $14-$15 or so. You have just made at least 3 solid meals, maybe more, plus some left over. Three meals for $15.

Cooking food will generally be healthier than fast food. Unless you cook your food in excessive amounts of flour, grease and dairy, your cooked meals will be great!

“But I don’t want to eat rice, ground turkey and vegetables all the time!” you might say. Well to that, I’d say you should look up some recipes of things you can make with ground turkey or ground beef or meat in general. The possibilities are quite endless and most of the fast food you get are derivatives of that sort of food anyway. But let’s break it down further. Let’s throw in another combination.

An oatmeal canister with 20 servings of oatmeal can run you, what, $5? Bananas cost you $4 tops. Honey, which will last you a bunch of servings if you’re not a pig, can be maybe $8. Apples are less than a dollar each generally. So look at that – for about $15 on average, you’ve given yourself at least 6 breakfasts.

Cooking Is Cheaper

Ok so let’s say your month consists of meals including ground meats, regular meats, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, rice and different combinations of each to spice things up. You’ve looked up some recipes so your meals aren’t repetitive and bland all the time. You can save about $150 – $200 every month just by cooking. With that savings, you can get yourself a gym membership or some weights, you can lift and you can get fit. By the end of the years, you will have saved about $1,500 to $2,000! That’s a vacation right there! That’s a down payment on a new car! That’s extra savings for retirement. That’s $2,000 you’re earning each year. That’s your reward for eating healthy. Think about it.

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