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Fitness Tips – When is it Safe to Have a Cheat Day?

When is it Safe to Have a Cheat Day? The age old question. Cheat days are earned, not guaranteed.

What is a Cheat Day?

Simply put, a cheat day is a day you completely stray and abandon your diet. If you’re avoiding crap foods like hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, cake or soda, a cheat day is a day you have a hamburger or a pizza or some kind of crap food. A cheat day is a day you stray from your health diet.

Why Are Cheat Days Good?

Cheat days are good because they keep us sane. They’re something to look forward to as a reward for all of your hard work in resisting crap foods the entire time. All people who are trying to lose weight deserve a cheat day every once in a while – but only at certain times. One cheat day every so often won’t reverse your progress and bring you back to square one. Cheat days can give you the motivation to continue.

When Are Cheat Days Bad?

Cheat days are bad if you have them too early in your fitness journey or weight loss journey. They are also bad if you have too many of them. If you have too many cheat days, your fitness progress will be hindered and at worse, you could completely revert to square one. Imagine putting in all of that hard work, only to realize you’re not even doing it right and you made zero progress because you have too many cheat days.

You can get away with cheat days because of how our metabolisms work.

Your metabolism is how your body processes food and the stuff you consume. If you have a fast metabolism, your body will process calories faster and it will take longer for neglect to turn into fat. That’s how you can see skinny people gulp down sodas and devour pizza slices without getting fat – they have a fast metabolism. Conversely, if you have a slow metabolism, your body will process calories slower and it will take less neglect to turn into fat. People with slow metabolisms need to especially watch what they eat. Cheat days will affect people with slow metabolisms more than people with faster metabolisms.

Can I Speed Up My Metabolism?

YES! You absolutely can speed up your metabolism. Just as well, you can slow down your metabolism if you neglect yourself. So let’s talk about ways to speed up your metabolism.

Think of it as a huge heavy boulder on a flat field. Metabolism if the momentum it has when it moves. How do you move the boulder? By pushing it. How do you give your metabolism some momentum? By cutting out crap food from your diet and working out. That’s it. However, you can’t just cut out crap foods and work out for two days and expect your metabolism to pick up any speed. Just as well, you can’t expect a big boulder to move very far – if at all – if there’s just one guy trying to push it. Even if the boulder moves a bit, it will stop moving unless someone keeps pushing it.

See the analogy?

The big boulder has no momentum at the beginning so it will take more effort to get it moving. However, once the boulder starts having some momentum, it begins to take less effort to keep it moving. Your metabolism will be slow at first so it will take time and effort to build some momentum.

It takes weeks if not months to speed up your metabolism.

Say you’re starting your fitness journey today and you’ve been eating crap your entire life and have never stepped foot into a gym or worked out in any capacity. If you do everything right, your metabolism won’t start to change until about week 4 or 5. The momentum takes a tremendous amount of effort, time and consistency to build.

After you change your habits, change your diet and lifestyle, your momentum/metabolism will speed up and it will require less of an effort to keep it there.

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So When is it Safe to Have a Cheat Day??

No cheat days after four weeks of your new fitness journey. That’s your answer. That means no hamburgers, no pizzas, no ice cream, no beer or alcohol, no Starbucks for four weeks.

After the four week mark, you can reward yourself with one cheat meal every week. A cheat meal is just one meal of crap foods, whereas a cheat day is an entire day disregarding your dedicated diet.

After three months, you can reward yourself with one cheat day every week. Congratulations, you’ve earned it. The fabled weekly cheat day is now yours for the taking.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES start rewarding yourself a full cheat day your first week of your fitness journey. This will cause your metabolism to NOT change. Cheat days too early on in the process will be counterproductive. You will NOT see the progress you want and you WILL get discouraged quickly.

You must be consistent with your plan for four weeks straight in order to start changing your metabolism. It will be worth it! Waiting a grueling four week time-frame is a small price to pay to justly reward yourself a weekly cheat day without the fear of hindering or slowing down your metabolism.



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