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Frequently Asked Questions about Losing Weight

People often have a lot of questions regarding weight loss so we’re going to hammer through a lot of them here as well as link resources for further information. So let’s dive into it.

Which food should I eat to lose weight fast?

In order to lose weight, you need to cut out crap foods and eat good foods. Harder than it sounds so let’s break it down. You need proteins, vegetables and carbs in order to lose weight – however, it’s important to know how much you should be eating of each.

HALF of your diet should be vegetables: salads, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, corn

A QUARTER of your diet should be proteins: meats like beef, pork, chicken and fish as well as nuts

ANOTHER QUARTER of your diet should be carbs: potatoes, pastas and breads.

When losing weight what foods should I avoid?

Avoid all processed foods like fast food, hamburgers, pizzas, and fries. If it’s fried, say no.

Minimize sugar intake. Say no to sodas and orange juice because they both have tremendous amounts of sugar.

Minimize carbs mainly because you’re probably having too much. Remember, carbs needs to be 25% of your daily diet intake. Carbs are things like bread, pastas, and potato based foods.

Avoid beer and ranch dressing. WAY too many empty calories in each.

Which exercise should I do to lose weight fast?

When losing weight correctly, you’ll want to stick to the food mentioned above but you’ll also want to do resistance training. This means you will need to lift weights. Don’t spend 2 hours at the gym on a treadmill. If you’re going to do cardio, do high interval intensity cardio. Building muscle burns fat so exercises that build muscle will also burn fat at the same time.

Which tea should I drink to lose weight?

Though you shouldn’t solely depend on teas for losing weight, some teas give you a metabolic edge. One of the teas we recommend is Bigelow Classic Green Tea. Check out our article Top 5 Teas to Lose Weight.

Will losing weight make me attractive?

Short answer, yes. Losing weight will make you attractive. Long answer – being attractive is a state of mind and how you convey yourself. If you are fit and beautiful on the outside but you have an ugly personality, you will come across as ugly to everyone around you. However, it is statistically proven that fit individuals are seen as more physically attractive than unfit individuals.

Will losing weight help blood pressure?

Yes losing weight will help blood pressure. Losing weight helps your cholesterol levels, your blood circulations and subsequently your blood pressure. If you are overweight and have blood pressure problems, they are most likely related. You will want to double check with a doctor just to be sure.

Will losing weight make me look younger?

Generally speaking, yes. Losing weight and getting fit are generally one in the same. Many older people, if they don’t take care of themselves, get fat and become overweight. So naturally if you lose weight, you will look younger. However, age has a nasty way of changing our appearance much more than we have control over. The best we can do is slow down the aging process, but time will always win at the end.

Will losing weight cure diabetes?

Losing weight will definitely help your diabetes especially if it’s related to your sugar intake and food ingestion. You will want to consult a doctor to be sure.

Will losing weight help my knees?

If you have knee pain related to your weight, then yes, losing weight will help your knees. Your knees may become weak if your body is too heavy. If you start by eating right and doing moderate exercise, your knees will start to feel better. It will take a while depending on the severity but losing weight will always help.

Will losing weight make me taller?

No, losing weight will not make you taller. However, it will make you appear a little taller vertically since most of your physical “width” will be decreasing.

Will losing weight slim my face?

Yes, losing weight will definitely slim your face. In many people, fat collects on their faces as well as other parts of their bodies. If you lose weight, fat will burn off of your face as well. When this happens, you will definitely see more structure in your face such as your cheek bones and jaw line.

Will losing weight help a hernia?

Hernias cannot be fixed with anything other than surgical intervention. In fact, depending on the severity of the hernia, it is best to refrain from heavy lifting (a key part of losing weight) until after the hernia is fixed and healed. If you think you may have a hernia, see your doctor immediately.

Is losing weight hard?

It’s always hard at first both physically and mentally. This is because you will NOT see any results immediately. If you do everything right, you will be working on faith alone for about three weeks without seeing any major results. If you stick to it though, it will become easy. Remember, the first three weeks of working out are the hardest. Do not quit!

Is losing weight about calories?

Yes, losing weight is about calories. It’s calories in verses calories out. When you workout, you burn off calories. When you eat, you take in calories. If you burn off more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. If you eat more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight.

What are signs you are losing weight?

The scale isn’t always the greatest measurement of weight loss or fat loss since you can increase your weight by building muscle but lose fat at the same time. You know you are losing weight if you notice your pants fitting a little loser than before. Take measurements of your waist every two weeks. If you notice a slight decrease after each measurement, you are losing weight.

Take before pictures and progress pictures. Each picture next to each other may not show the biggest change but when you put one picture next to another that was taken before you started eating healthy and working out six weeks ago, you will notice a difference.

Where will I lose weight?

Keep in mind, you cannot “spot burn” fat. If you have a lot of fat in your midsection, you cannot get rid of that fat simply by doing a lot of sit ups or crunches. All fat disappears from your body at the same time. You’ll want to do full body workouts and cardio while eating correctly.

Fat may burn at different rates on your body, for instance, it may burn faster on your back than your stomach, – but you have no control over this. As long as you avoid crap food and stay active, you will lose weight all around.

See our article Where Will I Lose Weight for more details.



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