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How To Build A Healthy Habit

How To Build A Healthy Habit. How long does it take to build a habit? Approximately four week, but there’s more to it.

Building a Healthy Habit

When losing weight, you can’t just eat healthy for a week and then expect to be slim and fit forever. That’s not how it works and that’s not how human bodies function. To be fit, you need to essentially change your lifestyle habits.

That means you need to change the frequency of which you eat crap foods and work out.

Your body requires energy in order to burn off food. This energy manifests itself as you metabolism. So the faster your metabolism, the faster you will lose weight and be fit. So you all you need is a faster metabolism.

How Do I Get A Faster Metabolism?

If you eat well and exercise frequently enough, your metabolism will pick up. That’s the gist of it but of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

How long does it take for your metabolism to pick up? If you’re just starting, your metabolism will not pick up any momentum for about four weeks. That means when you are starting your new fitness journey or your goal to lose weight, you cannot give yourself too many cheat days within the first four weeks.

Understandably, life comes at you fast. There are events you need to go to, people you need to see and things you need to do. Sometimes, your life doesn’t allow for you to exercise every day or eat 100% non-crap food every day. Well, your body doesn’t care. So you need to keep that in mind.

Does that mean that if you miss one workout or have one hamburger that your entire regiment is ruined? No, of course not. But every time you miss a workout and every time you feed yourself crap, you detract from your goal. Conversely, every time you workout and eat a non-crap food, you are benefiting yourself.

When Can I Give Myself A Cheat Day?

Luckily for you, we have an entire article about this. See Fitness Tips – When is it Safe to Have a Cheat Day? In short, you optimally can’t safely have a cheat day for four weeks after you start. However, if you do, that’s fine.

Four Week Habit Builder

Here at Brutally Honest Fitness, we have developed a FREE plan to help you keep track of your progress and build a healthy habit. It’s a downloadable excel file that you can change your life by dedicating 30 seconds to it every day.

How It Works

The Brutally Honest Fitness Four Week Habit Builder is a simple calculator to help you figure out if your activities for the day helped you or hurt you in your journey to becoming fit.

Every day, you will check off a series of check boxes for the corresponding day. Each activity carries a value which will factor in to your overall score. Some activities are good, while others are bad. As long as you are honest with yourself, this calculation will dictate whether or not you are making progress. If your number is in the green, you’re alright. If your number is in the red, you’re not.

All you have to do is fill in the check boxes for each day. After four weeks, you will have a final score – and you can keep track of your score easily on the first page. The higher your score, the better your habits are.

This is not meant to be easy. There are many times that our lives make it difficult for us to take part in completely healthy activities every single day. This chart gives you a direct visual of the effects. You will be surprised as to how quickly your habits can slip.

Using the Brutally Honest Fitness 4 Week Habit Builder, you will be THE BEST method of tracking your habits and how they change over time.

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