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How To Lose Weight Quickly

How to lose weight quickly – fast fat loss

Losing weight is a difficult task for a lot of people and even more so for people who may not know what they’re doing. There are a few key points you must remember in order to lose weight and keep weight off.

Why you’re not losing weight

Before we can get in to ways to lose weight quickly, you need to first understand why you may not be losing weight in the first place.

You have too many cheat days.

If you find yourself reaching for a soda three days into your new diet, you’re doing it wrong. You shouldn’t give yourself a cheat day or a cheat meal until at least two or three weeks of dieting and working out. Anything before that limit and you’re just hindering yourself.

Too much cardio, not enough weights.

You’re on the treadmill for too long. Look, cardio is great but it doesn’t burn fat nearly as efficiently as lifting heavy weights.

You eat crap food too often without knowing.

Fruit juice, instant noodles, salads with ranch dressing, fried foods – they’re easily accessible but they destroy your efforts to lose weight.

Eat more vegetables

Did you know that HALF of your entire diet needs to be vegetables? Chances are you’re not having enough. Why? Because vegetables are boring and difficult and require work. I get it.

Here are a few easy vegetables you can do that will fill in half of your pie chart:

Ranch dressing has this mystical ability to completely destroy the nutritional quality of your salad. Avoid ranch dressing like the plague.

Eat smaller meals more often

For sure eat three meals per day. However, you can speed up your metabolism if you eat four or five smaller meals per day. Eating a bit less but more frequently gives your body more work. More work for your body means more calories being burned on autopilot.

Build a better habit

We have developed the Brutally Honest Four Week Habit Builder which is a simple tool that helps you build a healthier habit and lifestyle. It allows you to track your habits and you can visually see if you’re falling off the wagon before it’s too late. It’s easy to skip a day, and easier to skip another day. Two skipped days can be the demise of your progress and three skipped days can almost revert all of your work.

The Brutally Honest Four Week Habit Builder shows you a graph. If it’s going up, you’re doing well. If it’s going down, you need to make some changes. It shows you a number as well. If it’s positive, you’re good. Negative, you need to change something.

Our system the Brutally Honest Four Week Habit Builder has helped thousands of people turn their life around entirely. You will be utterly stunned how quickly you will see progress when you consistently do everything right.


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