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The Best Protein Bars To Buy – ONE Protein Bar

The Best Protein Bars To Buy Online

The ONE Protein Bar is hands down the best protein bar on the market. Why is it called ONE? Because in the entire protein bar, there is only one gram of sugar. As we all know, sugar is on of the main culprits behind gaining fat, you never have to worry about that with the ONE Protein bar.

The Best Protein Bars To Buy – ONE Protein Bar

You can buy a box of these from amazon for $20 or so and they come in packs of 12. So one bar roughly costs a little over a dollar. The ONE Protein Bar has 21 grams of protein in each bar. That makes it absolutely perfect for weight loss if you’re doing it right. See our articles about weight loss here:

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Why the ONE Protein bar is great for weight loss

The ONE Protein bar is jam packed full of protein with very little sugar. When you’re losing weight effectively, you would be doing so through resistance training, lifting weights and building muscle mass. Building muscle mass burns fat. You need protein to build muscle mass so if you see where this is going – the ONE Protein bar with its 21 grams of protein per bar is the perfect supplement for weight loss.

Building muscle with the ONE Protein bar

Hey this isn’t strictly a weight loss bar either. If you’re trying to straight up build muscle, this bar is quick and easy to eat and will give you a protein boost in a matter of minutes. Eat up a ONE Protein bar before you workout and drink your protein drink after. Since one of the biggest road blocks in building muscle is an insufficient amount of protein, the ONE Protein bar makes it EASY to stay on top of it.

The One Protein Bar tastes good too!

We’ve all had protein bars before. Some are alright, some are truly awful. The reason protein bars don’t taste like snickers bars is because the protein is very distinct. Protein takes up space and mass and you need a lot of it in a recipe for it to be effective. So protein bars, being full of protein, tend to taste like a bunch of protein powder mashed into a bar.

ONE Protein bars are a lot easier to eat AND they have an amazing flavor assortment. Their flavors include cookies and cream, lemon, cinnamon roll, pumpkin pie, salted caramel and more! So you’re not stuck with just one crappy flavor.

Also, despite it having only one gram of sugar, they still taste sweet! Granted, there are other sugar substitutes in their make up but overall – one gram of sugar, 21 grams of protein and 230 calories.

For best results, eat one either before or after a workout. It’s perfect if you’re going to the gym after work and don’t want to work out on an empty stomach. The ONE Protein bar delivers.


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