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The Six Pack Secret – Guide to Getting Abs

The Six Pack Secret – How to Get Abs

Abs are the hardest things to get and here’s why

Having a ripped six pack is a symbol of fitness success. If you’ve been on a journey to lose weight, you are officially there if you have a set of visible abs, a flat tummy or a six pack. Once you get yourself abs, you are officially there. It’s all maintenance from then on out.

However, getting abs is hard. Why? Because belly fat is the last packet of stubborn son of a bitch fat that will struggle and fight your every effort to burn off. I mean it – belly fat is relentless. You can have nice arms, legs, a jaw line, a nice ass and you can still have a little layer of blubbery belly fat covering up your abs. Hiding them from view forever.

Why is this? That is because you cannot spot burn fat. You can spot-build muscles, for instance, you can work out your arms endlessly and get disproportionately muscular arms compared to the rest of your body. But fat works differently. You can’t burn fat in  specific areas. All the fat comes off of you (and builds on you) like layers of an onion. It’s calories in, calories out. If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose fat all over your body at whatever rate and locations your body is programmed to store fat.

Belly fat is the LAST to go and the FIRST to start. You’ll never see a fat person with a six pack. Ever. That’s why whenever you see some dude with these ripped abs or some woman with the flattest tummy, you know they’ve met their goal and are just showing off their success like they very well should.

What can I do to get abs faster?

There are three things you can do but all three must be done in order to speed up the process. You need to work out the abs, lose the fat on the abs, and speed up your metabolism to keep it that way.

Working out the abs

Crunches and sit ups. If you want to blast your abs, these two workouts are the most effective. However, you can very much build strong abs with other workouts as well. Many workouts are compound workouts that affect many different muscle groups. See The Best Muscle Building Workouts for a guide on these compound workouts.

You need to work out your abs and build your ab muscles so when your belly fat goes away, there are abs to be seen. After all, you’re building a status symbol to show off. You might as well make it worth looking at when you get there.

Losing the belly fat

This is a must. You can work out your abs to your heart’s content but that rock hard six pack will be completely invisible to those without sonar capabilities if you do not lose the belly fat on top of it. Imagine you have your dream car. You want people to SEE your dream car. Admire your dream car. Unfortunately, there was a blizzard last night and your dream car is covered in snow. No one can see your dream car anymore. “It’s there! I swear!” You say. But alas, no one can see it because it’s buried under snow.

Sure you can workout your abs all you want but if they are buried under the last stubborn piece of crap fat you have on your body, no one will see it. For tips on losing fat, we have a number of articles and resources here.

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Getting visible abs takes time because the biggest obstacle is losing that stubborn belly fat. There are a few ways to speed up that process by utilizing a few techniques to speed up your metabolism.

How to speed up your metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories on its own. Believe it or not, just existing and being alive burns calories. Don’t get ahead of yourself though – most people consume a lot more calories than they need to survive and they do very little to burn off the excess calories – which is why they get fat and it’s the reason they don’t have visible abs.

There are a few things you can do to speed up your metabolism:

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Chances are, you’re not eating enough vegetables. Unless you’re a vegetarian, a correct amount of vegetable foods in your diet is most likely insufficient. To put things into perspective, HALF of your diet needs to consist of vegetables.

Avoid sugar. I don’t mean cut it out of your diet entirely because hey, we’re all human. But don’t got crazy and start drinking all of these sodas. Sodas have a tremendous amount of sugar. Stop.

Finally, Green Tea. Green Tea is one of those “magic” elixirs that help boost your metabolism. Again, don’t get ahead of yourself – you can’t just drink green tea and expect to wake up the next morning with abs chiseled from a granite slate.



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Green tea to boost your metabolism

You NEED to utilize the techniques in burning belly fat and work out your abs primarily. If you eat correctly and exercise frequently, your metabolism will pick up. You can give your metabolism a bit of an edge with Green Tea. Here is my favorite green tea and where to get it. You can get a ton of it from Amazon delivered right to your door so it can stare you in the face, boosting the chances you’ll actually follow through with it. It helps.

Bigelow Classic Green Tea

One of my favorite green teas. Bigelow Classic Green Tea not only tastes great but it also gives you more of a metabolic edge than Lipton Green Tea. It’s a bit more expensive but you do get what you pay for. If you have one cup of Bigelow Classic Green Tea every day, your metabolism will have that extra push. Green tea in general is great for cleansing and detoxing the body and Bigelow Classic Green Tea delivers. You can buy all the Bigelow Classic Green Tea on amazon here.

How Can I Speed Up Muscle Growth?

If you are already following this guide and eating correctly, your best bet would be to start taking protein supplements as well.

The Best Protein Bars To Buy – ONE Protein Bar

The Best Protein Drink For Building Muscle – Isopure

The best kind of protein drink you can get is from Isopure and you can get it from Amazon. If you stick with the muscle building guide above, this protein will give you the ultimate edge.


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