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Tips For Losing Weight – The Guide You Need To Slim Down

Tips For Losing Weight – The Guide You Need To Slim Down. The following is a list of tips and facts you’ll need to know and keep in mind on your journey to slimming down and losing that body fat.

  • The biggest culprit that hinders weight loss is sugar and carbs. Before you eat something, ask yourself “Does this thing have too much sugar or carbs?”
  • Fruit juice such as orange juice and apple juice have too much sugar. One glass of orange juice has almost as much sugar as a glass of soda. One serving of Simply Orange orange juice has 33g of sugar and one can of Coca Cola has 39g of sugar. Would you have a soda with breakfast?
  • Sugar cereals have too much sugar.
  • Cake is basically a mountain of carbs and sugar. Be mindful.
  • Diet sodas that say they have “zero sugar” are misleading. The sugar substitutes that they use are just as bad. Diet Coke should not be consumed.
  • Make friends with vegetables. You can never have too much vegetables.
  • It’s calories in and calories out. If you are burning more calories than you are consuming, you will lose weight. The reverse is true as well.
  • Fat burns off when your metabolism increases. You metabolism increases when you exercising and eat healthier foods without eating crap foods. You metabolism needs to gain momentum. It takes about 4 weeks for that momentum to start moving. You should not give yourself a “cheat day” until you are 4 weeks into your fitness journey. After your body has obtained some momentum, you can afford more frequent cheat days.
  • Fat also burns when you build muscle. You build muscle by lifting weights and doing resistance training. This is far more effective than simply cardio. When you want to lose weight, that means less time on the treadmill and more lifting weights.
  • When you are watching your food intake, it can be difficult to avoid crap foods at times. Sometimes social situations call for the consumption of cake or other deserts that you are otherwise trying to avoid. “Oh but it’s so-and-so’s birthday,” “My grandparents are in town and they are never around!” “My friends and I rarely get together anymore!” If it’s a once time thing then that’s fine. The problem occurs when there are multiple one time things in a row. Don’t make excuses. Don’t bullshit yourself. Your body doesn’t care who’s birthday it is. If you want to tack on more cheat days, go ahead – but be honest with yourself about it.
  • Diet and exercise are two sides of the coin you want to be using. You can’t just do one of them. You must do both.
  • You’re underestimating how much water you need and how much water you already drank. You need more water. 8 cups of water per day. Yes, it’s a lot. Yes you need it. Make peace with that.
  • After a workout, your body needs to recover. Your body needs to sleep. You need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night to get the maximum effect from your workout. Schedule your workouts and sleep accordingly. Your body doesn’t care what your work or social schedule is.
  • It takes 4 weeks for your fitness to start to show progress if you do it right. If you’re not seeing progress in 4 weeks, you’re not doing something right. You’re either eating wrong or not exercising enough. Diet and exercise do not fail.
  • Don’t underestimate protein! Building muscle burns fat and consuming protein helps to build muscle. Yes, women should drink protein drinks as well when lifting weights. Protein can be easily bought and delivered from Amazon. Click here to get yours.
  • Green Tea – As for the Green Tea, you can get some amazing fat burning Green Tea from Amazon. Keep in mind that this tea only helps with the fat loss – it’s not a magic drink that will burn off the fat just by drinking it. It helps speed up your metabolism if you’re doing everything right.

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This is a partial list.  More tips and pointers will be added to future articles on Brutally Honest Fitness.

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The FREE Brutally Honest
Four Week Habit Builder

Get yourself the one system proven to help measure, change and improve your fitness habits



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