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Where Will I Lose Weight?

Where will I lose weight? A comprehensive guide for knowing where the fat will shed.

Why you don’t lose fat evenly

If you’re overweight, whenever you start working out, eating healthy and avoiding crap foods, you will inevitably start losing weight. Great! However, it’s important to know how fat is stored on your body and where it will first start to go away.

When we gain body fat, we don’t gain it evenly. We gain it more on our waist, on our stomach, our thighs and hips the most. We also gain body fat in our face, around our neck and our arms as well, but not always as much proportionally to the other pockets and clusters of fat around our body.

That’s just how the human body works.

A recurring theme in this article is that you can spot-build muscle but you cannot spot-build fat or spot-burn fat. This means you can do more curls and build your arm muscles completely separate from the rest of your body, but you can’t do a bunch of curls and burn fat from only your arms.

Where you will lose fat first

Each person is different so there will be slight variations in each person’s weight loss transformation. As you begin your new diet and workout regimen, after about three weeks, you’ll notice a few inches disappear from your waist. This is because there is typically the most buildup of body fat around your stomach, thighs and waist.

Keep in mind, since you cannot burn fat in any specific area, you’ll have to do overall strength training and full body workouts in order to lose the body fat. Don’t be concerned about burning fat in one area because it’s not going to happen. You want to lose that belly fat? Well if you do everything right, you’ll lose the belly fat along with everywhere else you have excess body fat.

Where you will lose fat last

The last places you will lose body fat are always the places on your body that have a stubbornly small amount of fat, but still annoyingly noticeable. If you’re 50 pounds overweight, you’ll see inches disappear from your waistline quite quickly at first but then it will taper off before you have the flat stomach you want. At a certain point, you’ll notice your arms are a bit thinner and less flabby. Then you’ll notice your jawline start to come back from hiding. Your pants will start fitting better. However, you’ll still have a little bit of belly fat or thigh fat (mostly for women) remaining.

This last cluster of belly fat is the hardest to lose because you have to step up your game another step or two in order to rid yourself of it. See our article The Six Pack Secret for more information about getting abs.

Also see The Secret to Getting Abs for more information about getting a flat stomach.

Getting visible abs is a sure fire sign that you have lost all the body fat you need to lose. Why? Because that small layer of belly fat is the LAST piece of body fat to go away. Underneath that layer of blubber is the rockin’ six pack you’ve been working on that will soon become visible.

Can I lose weight in my face?

Absolutely you can lose weight in your face. This is a true testament to the fact that you very much cannot spot-burn fat simply because there aren’t any face workouts (imagine if there were?).

You will lose weight in your face right before you notice that the last layer of belly fat is an obstacle.

The fat loss progression will be like this:

  1. You will first lose inches around your waist quickly
  2. Then you will start to lose body fat around your arms and back at the same time
  3. Then you will start to lose body fat in your face and neck
  4. Then there will be the final layer of stubborn belly fat that you’ll need to step up your game for

Each person is different but generally speaking, that’s the order in which you will lose body fat.


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