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Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men

Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men

Sometimes when you’re building muscle or working out, you want that little extra boost.

What is Pre Workout?

Pre Workout supplements are supplements you take before working out that give you energy to do the workouts. They are jam packed full of vitamins and fast-acting nutrients such as Creatine, Nitric Oxide & Beta Alanine that will give you the metabolic boost to have an efficient workout. It’s GREAT for building muscle and lifting weights. The best pre workout supplement for men is Cellucor C4 Original Pre Workout.

Pre Workout typically is in powder form and you mix it with water and drink it before you head off to the gym. This is NOT protein powder. Pre workout supplements do not contain protein and a serving size of pre-workout is generally a lot smaller than the typical serving size of protein powder.

What happens when you take Pre Workout?

When you take pre workout, you will feel more energized after it sets in, typically about 30 to 40 minutes after you take it. Your fingers and hands may become tingly. This is normal. This means it’s in your system and you’re ready to kick ass at the gym.

When you have pre workout in your system, you will feel stronger and more dedicated to lifting your weights. Pre workout is NOT steroids so don’t worry. If anything, pre workout is good for you – in small doses spread out in moderation. It has vitamins and nutrients that give you energy. Natural good energy. It’s the same kind of energy you can get by eating fruits and vegetables, however, you get a higher concentration of it. Pre workout is convenient because you get everything you need to get the energy you want.


You’ll notice a difference immediately the first day you take pre workout. MAKE SURE you read the dosage information on the pre workout label since each brand and type has a different concentration. You don’t want to take more than you need – otherwise you could run into some serious health risks.

If you take the recommended amount, you’re golden.

When to take pre workout

It’s best to take pre workout about 30 to 40 minutes before you begin your workout. This is because you want to give the pre workout supplement enough time to run through your system. Once it hits you, you’re ready.

Each brand differs but it’s best to not have a dose of pre workout supplement more than two days in a row. So if you’re lifting heavy weights because you want to build muscle, it’s best to take some pre workout for two days, lift weights those two days, and then give yourself a rest day. You need rest days anyway when building muscle.

When you use protein supplements AND pre workouts along with a frequent high resistance and heavy weight workout regiment, your muscles will grow faster than ever before.

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