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Top Five Teas to Lose Weight

Top 5 Green Teas to Lose Weight – Green tea is fantastic when it comes to boosting your metabolism and losing weight. Remember though – you can’t drink green tea alone and expect the fat to fall off. It compliments a good diet and regular workout routine. For more information about your metabolism, see When is it Safe to Have a Cheat Day?

Here are the top 5 Green Teas to boost your metabolism and lose weight – and links to buy them right away!

5) Lipton Green Tea

It’s simple and we’ve all had it. Lipton green tea can be brewed up in a couple of minutes but it has some great detoxing effects. Like all green teas, Lipton Green Tea helps your metabolism when you work out and eat correctly. Cut the crap out of your diet, exercise and suck down green tea and you’ll be in shape. Lipton Green Tea is cheap but not the highest quality. It’s good for quantity and if you’re on a budget, it will do the trick. You can buy all the Lipton Green Tea you want here.

4) Bigelow Classic Green Tea

One of my favorite green teas. Bigelow Classic Green Tea not only tastes great but it also gives you more of a metabolic edge than Lipton Green Tea. It’s a bit more expensive but you do get what you pay for. If you have one cup of Bigelow Classic Green Tea every day, your metabolism will have that extra push. Green tea in general is great for cleansing and detoxing the body and Bigelow Classic Green Tea delivers. You can buy all the Bigelow Classic Green Tea on amazon here.

3) Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder

This is a different take on tea than most people are used to. It’s not a regular tea bag that you put in a cup of hot water. With Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder, you just mix it in with hot water and you’re good to go. With this kind, you’re able to choose how strong or potent – likewise, you’ll also be able to make it last longer or shorter depending on how much you put in. Be careful though – it can be strong for some people if you mix too much. Get yourself some Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder here.

2) Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea

The great thing about Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea is that it’s cheap and a good quality. The reviews are a bit mixed on the taste. Personally, I feel it has a taste comparable to Lipton but it’s more organic than Lipton. Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea is great for budgeting but you’ll want to buy one to try it before you plan on buying more. If you do like it, you’re in luck because it’s cheap and you’ll get everything you need from it! Buy some Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea here.

1) Pure Leaf Hot Loose Tea

This is one of my favorite green teas. Pure Leaf Hot Loose Tea is one of those teas you’ll need an infuser pot or infuser device out for. It’s not a tea bag you just drop into a cup. However, the taste is amazing. It can be potent depending on how long you leave the tea leaved in so you can adjust the taste accordingly. With Pure Leaf Hot Loose Tea, you know you’re getting some quality stuff – and to make it even better, it’s one of the cheapest on the list! Get yourself some Pure Leaf Hot Loose Tea from amazon here for cheap!


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